Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Work it Harder, Make it Better

To all those trying to take screenshots in Everquest Next Landmark, make sure you are in Fullscreen mode! While the game dislikes to alt+tab, the screenshot function will not work otherwise.

While I had done some building while playing, I hadn't done anything beyond some basic planning. Then I finally finished building my selection tool, the fables were true, and now building is addictive and awesome.

House In progress.

 I'm going for a 2 level home with a semi-sunken basement built into a cliff side.
Coming out from that door there, I would like there to be a porch or patio for evenings enjoying the view.

The walls of the semi-sunken basement are made of stone, though everything higher will have walls of wood.

I haven't yet decided the floor plan for the inner rooms. The basement will be mostly storage, but the upper floors will be for living. The 2nd floor will only be the closest portion of the 'L' shape the house is in. It will feature walking access to the rest of the 1st floor's roof.

My worry at this point, since I live on an island featuring tier 1 materials, is that I need to make a 10 minute walk to the portals if I want to continue to improve my tools. I could also just delete my plot, regain all the materials used in building and move to a new island. But really? I'm fine here. I don't 'need' better tools to finish this simple house. Later in the alpha, no only will there be a wipe of claims and progress, but all materials will eventually be spread across all lands at various rarities.

So I think I'll just stay here for now, finish my simple house and enjoy the view. It'll take a wipe or the introduction of a snowy biome to get me to move.

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