Friday, 14 February 2014

Our Work is Never Over

As I've been exploring and building in Landmark, it hit me that I knew NOTHING of this land. Norrath is dear to many but I had never even really glanced at it before. To rectify this, I've downloaded Everquest 2 and ran around a bit.

I have to say, I enjoy the collection of playable races the game has. I enjoy how some are really more bestial. At current I am having trouble deciding what race/class to continue with. Froglok Bruiser, Fae Swashbuckler, or Sarnak Paladin.

My roommates have also got back into a computer card game called Spectromancer. This is one I really enjoyed a few years back. Not many people would enjoy a card battle game with no deck building but... this is a card battle game with no deck building. In fact all 'classes' share 80% of their deck with everyone else, with only the remaining 20% being unique. I've reinstalled it but have not yet had a match, perhaps I'll write about it more when I do.

Those materials finally got added to Landmark today, so without further ado...
House Progress!

 There are walls now!
 I am not yet done adding windows.
 Again, some windows on this side would be nice.
The porch is starting to come along. I may be on the furnishing phase soon.

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