Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The game I will talk about today, will surely spawn at least ONE video featuring that song.

That game is EverQuest Next Landmark, I caught the bug. To describe it briefly, it's advanced Minecraft. Like Minecraft before, I am thoroughly enjoying the Alpha.

I'm going to say it now, I tend to really enjoy the Alpha stage of games. Beta, not so much. In Alpha, you really watch a game grow from barely functional to fully featured. Beta is all bug hunting and feedback that means nothing, followed by a wipe of progress.

Anyway, Landmark, looks great. It took me about two hours to find a free plot of land to grab for myself, and I saw some pretty neat things along the way.

This was the first house I came across. If the nature wasn't neat looking already, it was suddenly accented by this large wooden mansion. There wasn't any furniture inside, and there's not yet any form of clear glass that can be crafted to fill the windows, still, a great first impression.
 I found this later on, a neat, weird, creepy church.
Digging for resources, I came across what I think is tungsten with a pick axe not yet strong enough to mine it. I was interested in how the ore would spawn, so I excavated it. It looks like... well... I'm sure you see.

I was going to spend the rest of the post talking about my current claim and house in progress. But the screen shots didn't save. Alpha is alpha right? That will be coming next post.

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