Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sickness, Landmark, ESO, Saturdauy Snapshot

It's been an off week for me, most of it has been spent in bed or doing menial thoughtless tasks as my head tried to decide whether or not it was going to explode from the pressure in my sinuses.

My time in Landmark has cut back a fair bit. Furnishing a house isn't as entertaining to me, and my claim is pretty much full aside from a well I plan to build in the corner. Once we get either a 2nd or extended claim I'll jump back in, but I don't want to remove my house. It's also a tad lonely living in the corner of a tier 1 island. Neighbors come and go, as they all rather quickly move to a higher tier island. I'm sure this will all resolve itself with updates, when tiers are removed, water is added, etc, etc.

I really want to jump back into Elder Scrolls, having only got some time in during the beta weekends. MMOs are at an odd time. Millions have played WoW and understand basic MMO mechanics, but as you have to design around new players, we always have to play through these hand holding opening areas. Most of the complaints I see revolve around this area in ESO, and I can understand that. Coldharber is a slog, a boring zone where everything dies in a hit or two, at a time where you don't have active abilities, during a beta where the zone is flooded with other players. It teaches things well enough to those who don't understand the game, but please, please please, allow alt characters to skip that zone.

I have not got into the pvp yet, though I'd really like too. Limited play time during the beta weekends have left my character around level 6 or 7, a duel wielding nightblade. The nightblade class is fun enough working on the assassination line, but duel wielding isn't working for me. I think what I'll do is change up to sword and shield, try to find a balance between offense and defense. Funny how that's basically a crime these days. MMOs expect you to go all DPS, all Tank or all Healing. It's all about DPS, Max DPS, look at the numbers. Sigh #MissingCityofHeroes. I'm off track, really want to try the pvp, lots of good videos surfacing.

It changed Angry Joe's mind about the game.

Werit's having fun in small skirmishes.

There's even solo gank videos already coming out, such as this one from Kesil.

I look forward to the next beta weekend.

Last but not least it is Saturday! I don't usually post on Saturdays, reserving them for Snapshots but it had been a light posting week.

My WoW Gnome Rogue, the Codegnome!

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