Saturday, 30 May 2015

GTA Online is Pay to Win! Only, just kinda... but not really at all...

So today I learned GTA Online can be seen as pay to win. How? Well, you can buy in game money with real money. How did I not know this? It's not really advertised! Never once have I had a pop up or message tell me "Hey, why haven't you given us more money for these things yet?"

How much does this anger me? Not by much actually, because it's not really pay to win. Sure you can buy money, but most things regarded to as 'power' are actually restricted by level. Want the (nothing mini about it) minigun? Well you need to be level 120 to buy it. Right now the only boost you can get for experience is applied by playing with friends and/or your crew (guild)

Money isn't exactly hard to earn either. Set up missions for the third heist pay crewmen $20,000 upon completion. The set up missions, not the big heist itself. The average set up mission length is 10-15 minutes and even winning a 1 minute long race can earn you $3000. Earning money that quickly, the $575,000 bullet proof car doesn't look so far off. I'd know because I got the bullet proof car and the high end apartment without feeling the need to spend any real money on it.

Upgrades for vehicles aren't even locked by level, but by achievements. Want a better engine for your sports car? Then you need to win races in a sports car, which unlocks only the sports car related upgrades. If you want to upgrade your motorcycles then you better start winning races with motorcycles! So regardless of buying money and trying to power grind xp, you still can't just buy the best parts for you cars without work earning it.

I'm sure there are some loopholes somewhere, but GTA Online continues to prove to me that progression comes from playing rather then playing being about progression. The Warcraft devs have always said that progression is important in an MMO, I believe it. I just don't believe it needs to the point. For now, I'm going to continue my ride in GTA Online.

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