Wednesday, 27 May 2015

GTA Online: Don't buy guns you don't need! (At least not at first)

I've been good about my money in GTA Online up until this point, honest! To be able to start heist missions, you need to be level 12 and own a large enough apartment to have a planning room. The cheapest of these apartments is $217,000. All my friends were buying these so it's not like I needed to buy one myself, I can still be hired to work in other's heists without. I bought myself a little middle level apartment with a 4 car garage and that served me quite well. (pictured below)

Being a simple crewman is/was quite profitable. As everyone is trying to get through all the set up for the big payoff at the end, I'm making money on each mission. I've even been working some jobs for randoms and they seemed to like my driving skill. I saved up and bought something more expensive than the most luxurious pieces of property. A bullet proof car for $575,000. Now 'bullet proof' seems to be separate from other 'tough' vehicles. I will declare I've driven this thing into the middle of a gang war of 30 guns shooting and never saw it take damage. That being said, explosives can still end the car and a really well aimed shot into a window slot can end the driver. It's not god mode, but it has become an invaluable asset that has helped considerably in completing heist missions.  Car pictured below complete with Time Stalker crew logo.

Making money as a crewman helped me save up for my own high end apartment afterwards. I won't lie, for no reason or benefit what so ever I got the most expensive property for $500,000 that has the exact same perks as the one for $217,000. That wasn't the trap though, after that I was still making quite a bit of money.

The issue arrived when I bought guns. GUNS were the trap. My carbine was working well, but I felt like some options would be nice. Got a sniper for long range, a rocket launcher for taking out helicopters quick, a nice machine pistol for when I'm in a vehicle and then said 'what the hey' and bought more. This is not why I am broke so often now.

GTA Online has this nice button, an excellent quality of life button. While setting up for a mission you can buy ammo for specific guns or hit the button "BUY ALL AMMO". Your shooting skill determines how much ammo you can carry (as well as general accuracy and recoil.) Every time my shooting skill raises a bit, "BUY ALL AMMO" equates to a few thousand dollars, by few I mean in the 6-9 thousand dollar range.

The answer SHOULD be easy. Don't hit the button right? Here's where it's a bit more complicated than that. That first portion of the mission set-up screen doesn't have a ready button, when playing with randoms it's buy all ammo or nothing because the host nine times out of ten will hit go as soon as the last person loads in. Secondly, when you fail and vote whether or not to reload at the checkpoint, buy all ammo is the only option. You can't say 'just refill on the gun I used'.

It's seriously draining my funds, but thankfully will not last forever. My shooting skill is now somewhere in the 80's, with the max being 100. Once I hit max shooting skill, "BUY ALL AMMO" should only replenish bullets I have used or fill ammo for guns recently acquired.

The moral is to only buy the guns you need in GTA Online until you get to max shooting skill. If you have that need to 'collect them all', divert that to clothing or vehicles, or you'll end up homeless, living on the roof of a tower at a water treatment facility huddling next to the roof's ventilation system for warmth in the rain. (To my knowledge you can't actually loose your house)

Below are some extra screenshots that I'm fond of

Sneaking into the golf course without paying for club membership.

Checking for survivors in a freak accident involving a miss-aimed homing rocket launcher.

This was apparently appropriate attire for what ended up being a mission largely about gun fights.

Waiting outside a friend's apartment for non-nefarious reasons.

Stunning countryside.

Stranded in said countryside.

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