Monday, 7 April 2014

Some ESO fun, pvp and a spoiler post on the rest of Deshaan.

Servers were going down for maintenance so I had some fun in zone chat.

 Let it be known I never claim to not be a troll at times, that, and I greatly enjoyed the good mannered response.

I've spent quite a bit of time in Cyrodil PVP lately, Dawnbreaker NA campaign. At least I must have compared to most. I don't claim to know the mechanics of the leader boards but 2 sessions of defending the South Morrowind gate have placed me in the top 50. Aldmeri Dominion hold every single objective of the map, they outnumber us 4:1 at the best of times. You can't capture the gates but Aldmeri sometimes likes going through to collect the skyshards in our lands. A group of 4 of us defending that gate has, multiple times, earned a response of 20 or more AD.

Owning the entire map, how starved for action they must be to zerg people defending an objective that can't actually be captured. But I've loved it.

Some history, apparently the AD guild of a popular beta streamer chose the campaign. Being the pro-try hard types they power leveled and quickly dominated the entire map. Other AD players saw this and went 'yeah I want in on that!' while players on the other two factions went 'no way!' Since early access began they have held everything. Us Pact members and the Daggers have pushed for some keeps on occasion, even at the same time but AD has the numbers to outnumber the both of us at once. The Daggers made a great push one night and over 4 hours took 4 keeps. Within an hour AD retook all 4. As many Pact and Dagger players gave up, the Dominion has been pretty bored and so the guild of that streamer has since changed campaigns. What remains is a zerg of followers, ones we easily outplay.

Playing smart, we can kill A TON of Dominion players, the problem being is that playing smart only gets you so far against EXCESSIVE numbers. When 20 of us take a keep and 80-100 AD show up to stop us, hungry to see action, there just isn't much left to do. Hold them off as we may try, we get 50 assaulting the keep and 30 roaming to kill our reinforcements. Forget trying to hold a second keep or defending the small objectives around the keep.

I love defending the south gate, it's been a great source of fun, but when 25-40 show up to bust down us 6, even I can get a bit discouraged.

Our Guild will not leave though, we will not be part of the problem. The Dominion are bored, and they are getting lazy. They have EVERY keep bonus, EVERY elder scroll bonus and the Emperor bonus, and yet we're still winning general combat. Our players are getting better because we have to play harder. The leader boards are filling up with names of the Ebonheart Pact and when the tide finally turns it is going to be satisfying.

And now the section on the second half of Deshaan. There will be spoilers.



I made an entire post to how well your story was laid out and you throw it all away in the 2nd half! I caught up with one ally in Mournhold. Not a part of the assassin's guild as I thought. I continued to meet a member of the Tribunal, a fun enough segment, I enjoyed working with a major lore figure. To bad it went downhill from there...

Up to the point of receiving Almalexia's blessing, I still felt as though I was a part of a bigger picture. After that point? Nope, chosen one. From that point on for the rest of the zone it was just me doing work, things happened because I was there. I even got to the cliche town that was just wiped out. WHAT!? What's with the 180!? Instead of an ongoing story working with others it turned into WoW style quest hubs where a new person (usually a ghost only there because I was) handed me tasks at every location. The overall feel of the zone being one big connected puzzle faded into following the trail of  single villain apparently only I could beat. How utterly disappointing. If the writing had been that way from the start, I'd have been bored of questing by now. Even the final climax of Stonefalls had me be part of a team, a part of something. With me were the people I had know for the whole zone. For the finale of Deshaan, I simply was that something, alone.

I'm just starting my time in the Blackmarsh, I'm staying at an interesting town that's a Dunmer city built on top of an Argonian village that's built on top of an Alyied ruin. Hopefully the writing returns to it's previous style, because if I'm the chosen one to yet another unrelated problem I'll be about set to throw the writing of the game our the window as a lost cause.

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