Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hard to believe... Also Titanfall!

I'm still new to the blogging thing, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

What ever I did last week worked!

April 11th I posted that I had reached 500 views, April 19th I made the werewolf post and within the next week, that post alone reached +200 views. I am shocked, but would be lying if I said I didn't smile every time I checked my blog stats.

As I'm finally working again, game time was a bit low but I tried two new games.

The first is The Last Federation. An indie game on Steam that's difficult to explain. Total Biscuit can do that better then I. A fun game that breeds interesting stories, a watercooler game like Skyrim. I've achieved one victory so far, where only 2 of the 10ish alien races survived. My computer mocked me with 'You win... I think.... did you mean to kill everyone?'. I have much to learn, and probably still focus too much on trying to befriend one to two races at a time.

The other was Titanfall, I know, I know, I'm a month late to that party. All the blogs said their small peice on it and unless you actively avoided all the hype like I did, (I try to distance myself from advertising and videos that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay, but that's another post) you probably know all about it already.

I'll say I liked it better then expected, and at the same time, Origin is a bigger pain then I remember. All the generic statements are true. "it's fun" "I has a mech" "Enemies are weak to theses bullets I just so  happen to have" BUT, what really sets the game apart for me is the minions. Those little lovable minions! You run beside them and they're like "Oh man it's a PILOT! I mean I wish we had a better name for them but MAN, game on!" You find them pulling their injured friends to safety. You hear the captain shouting into the radio for back up when his team is wiped out. This is no generic cry of 'need backup', no, he's crying out 'My team is dead, my whole team is dead!'. HIS team. He has a history with them! THESE ARE PEOPLE. PEOPLE WITH LIVES! Not the enemy though, I take them out 6 at a time with a smart pistol because reasons and also it is a game.

Still, that is my favorite thing of the game. The narrative of the overall story sucks opposite to a hole in the airlock (because that technically and figuratively blows) but the narrative of each battle is strong. Each battle I feel committed, in the fray with those minions and the drop ship extraction is a genius idea. THE BATTLE IS OVER. THERE IS ALREADY A WINNER. IT MEANS NOTHING. And yet the drop ship extraction is suddenly EVERYTHING when it happens.

Progress in ESO has slowed due to Titanfall. I've had little interest in continuing the narrative of the Rift and the story missions requiring a tanky survival build has ticked me off after how much the game wanted to push the 'play as you want' mantra. As I've only been able to PVP in the off times it's been harder to find action. At which point, I play Titanfall!

Say what you want about battlegrounds and pvp without consequence, sometimes a guy just wants to fight. I care not what it 'means' or how much it 'matters'. I don't want arena rating. I just want the rush of the fight. But that's yet another post for yet another day.


PS: I need to take more screenshots.

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