Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday Snapshot

Despite my disappointment in the Elder Scrolls Ask Me Anything, I am still rather excited to play it. A friend and I have been discussing it and decided that both of us would be seeking the path of the werewolf. It limits the build as the transformation takes your ultimate slot, you become weak to silver weapons and poison, and in form you are a melee glass cannon. As poison arrows are a standard bow move, turning form and gaining attention from a group in PVP can be suicide, but we're excited to try it hunting down stranglers and loners.

It made me realize I had never tried the werewolf in Skyrim, lately I've been correcting this.

Great fun to take out Bandit camps though I'm trying to avoid killing any innocents. I just recently acquired the Ring of Hircine, which allows me to turn more then once a day. I think I'll head into the Dawnguard expansion, as I'm not a fan of vampires, I've never done it.


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