Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Budgets and ESO

I was hoping to be able to link to our 3rd video review today, but something keeps failing in the rendering. I actually haven't had a lot of time to play games lately, part of that was due to teaching a march break science camp last week. The other part is that I'm entering my third month hunting for a full time job. Which leads me to my next point, gaming on a budget.

In the past few months, I have spent very little on gaming, I'd rather eat. So free to play games have been important. Banished and Space Engineers were gifts. Elder Scrolls Online was pre-orderd before this transitional period between full time jobs.

Loadout, Smite, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, these are all free games I'm dipping in and out of. None are the immersive experience I'm really looking for and so I do upkeep a subscription to WoW, which, ESO's first month pending, may swap over.

I'd love to talk more about ESO, across the 3 beta weekends I only got 6-8 hours of game play in. I chose to be a Dunmer or Dark Elf of the Ebonheart Pact. This isn't going to change, the Nords, Dunmer and Argonians have always been my favorite races, back in the days of Morrowind, they were what I played. I've always loved snowy landscapes, it actually pains me to see the snow melting outside. The dunmer had incredible lore, and the argonians, well they just look cool. I went Nightblade, this also won't be changing. I like the stealth theme and the teleports. What is changing is my choice of weaponry. I initially started dual wielding, but it was actually quite boring. I had a lot more fun when I changed to sword and shield. I get to start playing again on the 30th, while I hope I'll be working that day, I may just take a day off job hunting if I'm not.

While the graphic quality isn't best around, I do need to say the game looks damn good.

If you know the name Sheogorath, you'll know why I was both happy and terrified at this moment.

 The NDA for Wildstar has fallen, awesome. Basically what I'm reading is a confirmation on all my fears. While I actually like the art style, it's the rest that falls flat for me. Telegraphs have a place, they let you know when special or powerful attacks are going off. Not EVERYTHING. Have you watched any of the PVP videos? The entire floor is coated in area warnings, if you're tired of playing safety dance in WoW, this isn't your answer.

That's the end of this post, next I get the chance I'd like to rant about meta games for a while.

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