Friday, 2 May 2014

So ESO did another AMA...

Honestly? It left a better taste in my mouth than the last one. Here's what caught my attention.

-Chat bubbles working internally, big change from not planed!

-Justice system for player thieves and guards!

-They want level downscaling to keep challenge in lower content!

-Guild tabards!


In short, NOT-ENOUGH.

I know, I know, greedy entitled player wants more. Level downscaling is appreciated but there's still not a reason to go to previous zones. I suppose one could now go and help their lower level friends but they'll have to finish fixing the grouping issues for that to be of worth.

But honestly, what would get me to stay at this point? RP phasing. Chat bubbles are high on my want list but don't fix my issue at the moment. Which is what do I do when I can't find or don't pvp? I've lost interest in the pve, I made that pretty clear. But RP phasing/flagging, give me back that social hook to walk into in a corner club in Mournhold and find other players who are also there to RP.

And THAT would  be enough. Combined with the things I did like in the AMA, ESO could still have a bright future. But without that flagging and phasing, I just don't care enough.


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